Summer 2001

After Graduation was over, I did a lot of sleeping for the first few weeks. And then Adrianne Sharrock and I discovered Neopets. They take up a lot of our time, and are actually really, really fun. Aje and I are totally addicted to Neopettin'. Aren't we geeky?

The Fourth Of July was really cool, because we finally got a good picture of ALL of my grandma's grandkids, for the first time since maybe 1989 or so. Here are some pictures, and that picture is the last one.

Brent. Me, Mike, Brandon (Skeet), Lindsay, Delanea, Kaleb, Kyle, Lynnzie, Zach.

Adrianne and I went to Ozzfest on August 3rd, and it kicked ass. I did not get any pictures from Ozzfest, and I am too lazy for a review, so, I will leave you by just telling you that it kicked ass :)

The Omelette Escapades

August 15th, 2001: The Day Of The Omelette

Chef Boyardeege and Chef Girlaraje

"Can you smell what the Aje is cookin'?"
The finished product

Victory Dance
The first bite is the one we'll always remember

Me, proudly displaying my omelette.
All gone.

This concludes the omelette escapades

This summer has consisted of a lot of Neopetting, listening to music, sleeping, and hanging out with Adrianne.

People moving away :(

August 22nd: The time has come for Aje to move to Wooster and start college. I really hope she has a blast in college. I know I will miss her atrociously, but I am so glad that we have ICQ and phones to talk. Diana moved away to Kentucky already, Jeff moved to Cleveland...and everyone else someone disappeared off of the face of the earth!

Also, I would like to say:

Aje, Jeff, & Diana, you guys better get good grades! LOL :P

UPDATE: on The College Of Wooster's website, they have put a picture of the entire class of 2005 up for viewing. While it is very tiny, AJE HAS BEEN CAPTURED IN ALL OF HER COLLEGE GLORY!

The rest of my summer so far has been a combination of boredom, sleep, and my 18th birthday. Whoooo! Exciting as it gets living in the ghetto.

I know you don't want it to be over, but that's it for this page! =)

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