Winter 2001/2002


To start this page off, I got bored and decided to just find random pictures and put them on this page.

Two shots of the evil dog from hell, Lucifer

Dirty Skeet, Me on a Table and Dad holding some sort of discolored child.

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth and Scott Ian of Anthrax, and Me and Grad

Aje's Senior Picture, Aje before she was my pal, Aje and Lydia, my pals.

Bozo and Billy, Me looking frustrated, Cheryl playing with a rattle.

Dad, Me, Michael, Joey, Delanea, Lindsay, Mom

Jennie's Graduation Picture, Adrianne trying to look sexy.

A collage I made of people from my senior class for use in a senior slide show.

Me, Mandy, Jennie, Ashley, Jeff, Group Shot, Ajerino.

Other Winter Updates:

Well, not much has happened recently. I had a great family Christmas, and an awesome New Years at Aje's house (ah yes, running around outside screaming! :) & Children Of The Corn 666 LOL). I started school again. For some reason, I really don't dread going to class like I did last quarter. It is pretty boring, but I have had way less work (NO WRITING SO FAR!) and Dr. Sharma and Dr. Lindsey are both hilarious for some reason. My math professor, Mr. Gregory, (AKA Prozac Man...does he ever NOT smile?) is boring, but oh well. I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn anymore, since I don't even have to be there till 12:30 this quarter...although it sucks that I don't get home till 5:30 most days. LOL I felt like updating this page...but that's about all I have to say, so Buh-bye for now.

Oh no! I was exposed to Anthrax!

That's right! THE Anthrax. The band! I went to the Newport in Columbus on Feb. 10th with my cousin Skeet. Anthrax opened for Judas Priest. I think Anthrax blew them off the stage, but that would be biased...Priest still could hold their own. I'm not a huge Judas Priest fan, but they did impress me. Tim "Ripper" Owens made pretty much everyone there say "Rob who?" or "Fuck Rob Halford!" (Whoever said that should be careful, he just might take them up on that offer!). I was sporting my Metal Sludge shirt, but alas Scott Ian didn't notice or point me out LOL...Although there were quite a few Sludgeaholics there! I only saw one other Sludge shirt, in the balcony...but a lot of people complimented me. John Bush, the singer from Anthrax looked very surprised that the crowd were so into the band, because usually they must have been getting big Priest crowds...he was like "Sunday? This is a SATURDAY NIGHT in Columbus!" LOL. Ok, enough for now...

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