Summer 2002

Well, this has been about the most boring summer ever so far. I've seriously done like nothing. I went to see the band Down, and the band Nonzero, and that's about it. I made a poster of our study hall family also. I'm glad school is over. I am currently working on a new website. Haven't really gotten to hang out with any of my friends yet, except Jeff once. We worked on a movie script for awhile one day. Filming that is gonna be a riot. Well, I really don't have anything much to! Oh yeah, I am excited because the Back To The Future Trilogy DVD boxset FINALLY has a release date! December 17th!!! Christmas 2002 will rule all!

Four posters on my wall and the charcoal drawing I did of Ozzy and Randy Rhoads in High School.

A Charcoal Demon and Another Demon.

Lardass and Laner.

New Back To The Future Trilogy DVD boxset cover art!

August 1st, 2002

Well, not much has been going on lately. Never did get a job because I was waiting on a phone call (they were supposed to call me even if I didnt get the job, but haven't. The hell with it, another lazy summer.) Applied for a full-time job at Timken though. Hopefully I get that soon. Haven't decided if I am going back to school yet or not this fall. I probably will end up going back, but if I get hired at Timken before school starts, I definatly am not. I don't know if I will be able to pull off both a job and school at the same time, but maybe. But highly, highly doubtful. Plus, I don't want to. Haven't done much this summer...went to the fair a few times, walked around, was bored. Went to the movies with Aje, Diana, and Susan Fultz...that basically sums up my summer, unfortunatly. That, and a few trips to the Bucyrus Emergency Room and Mansfield Hospital...a trip to each for my Grandma (well, a few trips to the Mansfield one), and a trip to each for my Grandpa. Not a whole lot of fun there, but they are both doing just fine. :-)
I am way excited that Aje and I are going to be going to Ozzfest on Saturday. It's gonna rule, even though Ozzy won't be there this year. I've been looking forward to spending some time with Aje for a long time, and of course, that, and Ozzfest at the same time will be awesome. I will, of course, have an update after Ozzfest. Maybe this time I will give it a full review other than "it kicked ass" like I said last year. LOL

September 8th, 2002

Well, sorry for the lack of updates. It's not like anyone really reads this anyway. Ozzfest has come and gone of course. I said I'd review it. We (Adrianne and I) got there and I called Nick Catanese of Black Label Society on his cell phone to find out where the buses were parked. Unfortunately, my phone call woke him up, and he had no idea where they were parked either, but that it was a red bus. LOL So we walked around for a good half hour trying to find the bus. We went to the 2nd stage buses, and found out that the mainstage buses all parked somewhere else. We saw a red bus sitting by itself in the parking lot, and found out that it was Lenny Kravitz's bus from playing there the night before. Anyway after a long time we eventually got backstage and found the bus. We ran into Fred Kowalo, Zakk Wylde's guitar tech, and talked to him for a few. Met Nick and his parents, and hung around back there all day. I met Jimmy Bower and Pepper Keenan from Down, and saw Riggs from Zombie's band back there as well. Zakk finally woke up and came off of his bus around 2:30 or something and I finally got to meet him and talk for a minute before he had to go to the john. LOL....we went to the 2nd stage at this time and saw Hatebreed. They were pretty decent, although I had never heard their music before. I was impressed. They got the crowd going better than any band of the whole night. Down came out and played and were honestly not as good as they were when I saw them on their club tour a few months back. They didn't play Bury Me In Smoke, and they played it at ALL of the other shows I saw reviewed. They didn't play for as long because Phil Anselmo had the need to talk for 10 minutes about absolutely nothing! That sucked! But they were still good. Some asshole spilled his lemon & jack daniels cup down my back too. That sucked. But it was cold, so it was ok. LOL Anyway, onto the main stage. We were allowed to watch BLS from the soundboard because we had passes. we had to wait until the band Nuerotica got done before we could go to the soundboard. Then we watched BLS, and they were awesome, although the set was short. Then we went to the lawn and watched Adema. They sucked. Then Drowning Pool...they were a great band, but I didn't pay much attention to them. A few weeks after the show, Dave Williams, their singer, died. Makes me wish I would have payed more attention to him. They did a pretty good cover of Creeping Death by Metallica though. We went and slept on the hill during "Bible Education Hour" (P.O.D.'s set...)...then we went back to the stage for Rob Zombie's set. He had a big "666" on the drum riser. That made up for P.O.D.'s bibletastic set. LOL Zombie was killer. He called Ozzy on his Cell Phone from the stage and made us chant for him....and he said that Ozzy said "I can't fuckin hear you" like he always does onstage. So we yelled louder. It was quite comical. Was kinda cool since Ozzy wasnt there due to being with Sharon during her Chemotherapy. System Of A Down came out and were quite awesome sounding. People were setting the lawn on fire and it was just a really cool fuckin violent atmosphere. LOL...couldnt get backstage after the show to meet BLS like we were supposed to. Damn security guard bastards. Oh well. It was cool.

December Update

The Autumn Quarter of college has ended. I guess I never even took the time to post about even starting school this year. I took a Two-Dimensional Art class and it was probably one of the best classes I've taken so far in college. The professor John Thrasher was really cool, and I got to take in music to listen to almost every class day, because not very many people ever brought any of their own, so I was basically the DJ for the class for that quarter. Met some cool people in that class and I hope I have some more classes with them in the future. I took Geography 200, and it was a pretty hard class but I think I did pretty well. I don't know though, because OSU is claiming I didn't pay my admittance fee, even though I did; they locked my grades and won't let me see what I got or even schedule my next quarter's classes until I pay them, so I am going to have to get that straightened out. I took Political Science 210 and I can honestly say I learned a lot and it was a pretty cool class, and way easier than I thought it was going to be (of course, I don't know what I got on my 2nd term paper or final test, but I think I did really well).

Anything else to discuss? Not really...just been sitting around doing a whole lotta nothing, and a whole lotta sleeping...Oh, and I saw Sevendust, Stereomud, and Cinder with my sister Lindsay on December 18th! Ok. I gotta pause for a commercial break. Stay tuned...

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