Winter 2002/2003

Well, not much to say, but I started recording a band called Senior Citizen from Mansfield this week (started on December 20th). Been having a lot of fun just getting practice in recording and mixing/fixing. Got to try out all of my new recording gear as well. Christmas is coming up, so I'm sure I'll have some new pictures for you all! I'll snap some pictures when recording as well.
Oh! I forgot to mention that my cousin Brent & Pink got married on October 12th. It was a drunken good time for almost all involved (me included). Would have loved to have pictures from the after-party. LOL. I'll post some pictures soon, when I do the Christmas update.
Me and my little sister Lindsay saw Sevendust, Stereomud, and Cinder on December 18th! That was the first show I've ever been to where all of the opening bands kicked ass as well as the headliners! Cinder and Stereomud really took me by surprise. I am now fans of both. Sevendust put on what was probably the best live show I've ever seen. I wrote a review of the show which I submitted to

Sevendust, Stereomud, and Cinder - 11/18/02 Columbus, Ohio
Wow! All three bands were amazing. I was really surprised by both Cinder and Stereomud, because I had only heard the single "Soul Creation" by Cinder, and "Pain" and "Breathing" by Stereomud, and both bands were great! Usually when I go to concerts, the opening bands don't impress me, but both of these guys ruled! I will definatly check out more of their material and see them live again next time around. Cinder were a great hard rock/metal band, and the singer reminds me a lot of Layne Staley, which is cool. Clint got onstage with Stereomud and did some song with "Jesus" in the title. I don't remember the song title but I think it's new. It sounded badass with three guitars, and Clint did the backing vocals as well.
Sevendust opened with "Black" and then went into "Denial"...I couldn't believe how great they sounded live. This was my first time seeing them. I was happy to see that Lajon was in good spirits, as was the rest of the band. I forget the order of the rest of the tracks, but they did "Trust," "Shine," "Redefine" which was slightly faster than the album version, and the moshers went crazy. They did "X-mas Day," "Rumblefish," "Praise," "Angel's Son," (Lajon dedicated it to his little brother and started crying during the song...was a really emotional moment for everyone there I think)..."Crucified", and they did "Bitch" last. I don't think anyone left the Newport Music Hall disappointed!


February 14th, 2003

What have I been up to since November? Well...I recorded a kickass thrash band called Melodicdeath and I am looking for new bands to record, this time for money! That's honestly about it, I've done nothing. Going to college, in Geology, Self Effectiveness, and African American History: Slavery To Emancipation (can you say, 'lack of options'?). Slept through New Years...spent countless boring hours redesigning that's about it. I miss Aje a lot, and haven't seen her since the Bratwurst Festival. So I spend my time being bored and having no friends. Fun.

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