Spring 2003

Jen, Me, Dragen @ Alrosa Villa

Well. School this spring...I only have 2 really easy classes. History Of American Art, and Intro to Sociology. Easy stuff. I barely have the motivation to go to class though. I need a job. Well...I started recording a band called, Five Knuckle Shuffle the other day. Gonna be really cool when it's done. I really like the drum sound...not entirely professional sounding yet, but almost. It's really solid. It's gonna turn out great when it's done. Pretty soon I need to make a sound section for this site, of all the stuff I've produced, as it's my chosen future career, and all. Oh, Also I have business cards! Which have a website address listed on them that is nonexistant right now. I need to fix that, I guess. LOL!
Well, as for concerts...I went and saw Quiet Riot on March 22nd and met my friend Dragen, and her friend Jen, who both happen to be Sludgettes of the Month on Metal Sludge (I was Sludgeaholic Of The Month for March 2002)...the band kicked ass!
My cousin Brent and I went to see the Headbanger's Ball kickoff concert at the Cleveland Agora on May 1st! Anthrax and Godsmack played. It was the 2nd concert that I went to with Brent (by ourselves, the other one was Down with Mike and Pink, last year). It was pouring the rain so hard on the way there, it was impossible to see the road. We just drove with our blinkers on the whole way it was so bad. The storm was travelling towards Cleveland with us, so it was almost impossible to get out of it, except we outran it right before we got there, but it caught up with us at a gas station. Here is my review that I wrote the day after the show:



Just got back from the Headbanger's Ball concert...MTV half-assed it:
OK, so both bands kicked ass at the headbanger's ball party...but one problem. I saw ONE CAMERA, at the soundboard. How the fuck did MTV expect to film it right with only one camera?! There was one more I believe down close to the lefthand side of the stage, because during Godsmack, it showed them from that angle on the screen above...but still, that was a shitty, crooked shot.
Both Anthrax and Godsmack played 45 mins each....but actually Godsmack played LESS...way shorter, like 30 minutes and people were still standing there after the drumset was completely dismantled expecting an encore and wouldn't leave LOL. Godsmack sounded great, but Anthrax overall kicked their ass. Anyone wondering how good Godsmack's drummer is, don't worry. He fuckin' slammed. And i thought their last drummer was the best thing about them, live. But nope, don't miss him. Charlie Benante owned the night though. There's not many drummers on the planet that can play like that guy! People were like "holy shit!" with their mouthes wide open when they played Nobody Knows Anything. Anthrax's set wasn't as good as when I saw them with Priest last year, but considering the fact that it was for a TV show, I can't complain. Except for the fact that it didn't seem like it was filmed but with one fucking camera.

the sets as best I can remember them:

Blues Brothers theme/Contact (intro, over PA)
What Doesn't Die
Got The Time
Safe Home
Caught In A Mosh
Inside Out
Nobody Knows Anything
Bring The Noise

Straight Out Of Line
Keep Away
Bad Religion
The Awakening
I Stand Alone

that sounds about right...we all got free T-shirts on the way out though. so that was a bonus. A free show, and a free shirt. For anyone wondering, here's the front and back of the shirt:

I met fellow Sludgeaholic Of The Month Jason Satterfield, and I believe Chantel was there too...
cool show for free, but it looks as if MTV fucked this up by putting minimal effort into it. They played videos over the screens to the sides, but didnt play their damn audio, it was different CDs over the PA...the thing that sucked the most was that Godsmack just QUIT playing after I Stand Alone and it was over. I was walking around and hanging out back in the back because I went to get a drink because it was fucking hot wearing 2 t-shirts (because I bought a new Anthrax shirt too), and when I went to go back down with my cousin Brent, security told me I couldn't go back down because it was too crowded and I had to wait on some people from the pit to come back up. but it ended like 5 minutes later anyway. just as it was getting good. But anyway while I was back there, Rob Caggiano (Anthrax's guitarist and producer) walked out and was hanging out and I talked to him for a minute, that was pretty cool.
Not a bad show for free, though. I Definatly won't be on camera, considering the fact that they probably only filmed the back of people's heads.

I saw Anthrax and Motorhead 2 weeks later on May 15th at the Agore as well. It was also a super kick-ass show. Motorhead were SO loud (luckily I took ear plugs, knowing their reputation as being one of the loudest bands ever)...when I left and took out my ear plugs, my ears were ringing. THAT is loud!

Summer 2003

On July 19th, I got to go see the Summer Sanitarium tour for free. Travis hooked me up with a ticket. We went, I drove Travis, his brother Joe and his wife, and two of their friends. Got there at 3 PM.....Mudvayne were pretty good, but had bad sound and a bad timeslot. place wasnt very full yet. Deftones, to be honest, bored the shit out of me! They had a few songs I like, but everything sounded the same. Linkin Park sounded really good. I don't like a lot of their stuff, but the songs I do like sounded killer, and they sound like they're pretty cool guys. someone in the crowd threw a CD onstage and that Chester dude (or maybe the rapper) read the band name and said "go check those guys out! support your local bands! a few years ago we were on the other side of this barracade" and he said he'd check the cd out. was always making sure people up front had water. Sounded cool. Limp Bizkit...while I basically hate them...they sounded awesome. I mean, I havent heard those guys in years thankfully, so I could tolerate the show, and I hadnt heard some of those songs in years. The band sounded good and got the crowd going...plus there was lots of topless chicks onstage, so that's always a big plus. hahaha Metallica.....well, they showed em ALL how it's fucking done. Trujillo even did a little solo, kicked some ass. Only thing I missed was Jason's backing vocals. Lars was WAY fucking off time during really fast parts of Blackened, and some other songs. I noticed the drum volume going up and down during the show, usually quieter during fastparts. looks like the soundman knows Lars can't keep up and turns him down so he don't stand out as much LOL. but otherwise, Metallica sounded fucking killer, that was my first Metallica show. They're the band that got me into music, so it was killer to FINALLY see them after all these years. Perfect time too, no Load era stuff except Fuel.

Master of Puppets
Harvester of Sorrow
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Sad But True
St. Anger
No Remorse
Seek and Destroy
Nothing Else Matters
Creeping Death
Enter Sandman

On July 22nd, I took Travis to Ozzfest in Cleveland to pay him back for taking me to see Metallica. I can get backstage passes to any Zakk Wylde shows since I am the webmaster of BLS.net, so we got to hang backstage all day. We got there kinda early....walked all the way into the venue, and there were no passes at will-call. So we had no choice but to walk a HALF HOUR back to where I parked in the parking lot....(cuz I forgot Fred Kowalo & Tim Bolin's phone numbers)....then I had to find someone with a cell phoneto call. Didn't get ahold of Bolin. But he called the dude back LOL. Luckily he was 2 cars down and ran back over to me and gave me his phone when it rang hahahaha....
Tim said that he had just called a half hour ago to confirm the passes. so basically, if we hadn't walked back, we could have asked them again and they would have been there. It was that close. LOL! so we walked back, the passes were there that time...
We got back, saw Freddy...he was cool, he told me Philth called him, but he tried calling him back and it called the wrong number....anyway, later in the day he said "Phil's coming, Zakk called him and talked for awhile".....so I hung out backstage all day, because at Blossom Music Center, you CANT see the bands from the lawn in the daytime....the stage is too fucking dark. Sucked. So I decided that I will check other bands out in Columbus instead. So anyway, I saw every single member of every single band hanging out backstage, except for Jason Newstead...he must have been with Voivod in the other bus lot.
Jonathan Davis and a whole entourage were walking from the stage to the Jill Kelly Productions bus that was RIGHT behind me, I was sitting at a picknick table. Me and Travis were the only two sitting back there. And all of the sudden I looked over at the group and didnt know who it was....and one of the dudes was waving, and sure enough it was OZZY. He was waving at me before I even recognized him! LOL I was like "Hey Ozz!!"....that was the one dude I didn't expect to see 3 feet away in person. LOL! That was fucking cool. Then a few minutes later Ozzyleft the bus...walked past us...then turned around and stumbled back towards the bus confused. He thought they were following him and they werent. hahaha! so he stood there and talked to some guards and then went back towards the stage with Jonathan Davis and everyone.
Anyway, eventually, Fred said that Phil was back there, so we went to Zakk's bus, and Phil's wife Kelly was there, she gave me a hug, because I hadnt seen her in a long time...so chatted with her. Zakk and Phil and Tim were locked in the bus talking for a long damn time. Zakk and Phil were getting along great, it was fucking cool to see cuz they haven't talked in about 2 years. it was like "oh no, the terrible tuesome is back" hahahahaha....so we hung out awhile....then it was showtime for Ozzy....me and travis went to the lawn, and Phil and Kelly got to watch Ozzy from sidestage. The show was fucking killer! Ozzy was having a good night (but sounded more muffled/hard to understand towards the last few songs).....Mike Bordin ruined I Don't Wanna Change The World. it was really awful. Other than that, it was great. He didn't butcher Road To Nowhere this time. Newstead sounded great. They didn't do No More Tears or NIB or Believer, but they were on the setlist. Oh well.
Dean Skuza (driver of the Hellride funny car) was hanging out back there, as well as Chad Lee from Rockconcertfotos.com. He took pictures of us with Zakk, and emailed them to me. Zakk, Phil, Dean, Chad, Tim and Fred and a shitload of people hung out in the bus for a LONG time. the bus was completely full of people. I hung out outside with Travis talking with a guy who works for the venue, then Zakk came out and talked to us three for like what seemed like an hour. the dude asked him about Napster and he totally went off saying he'd kill the fucking creator if he ever sees him. "i'd stomp his ass to the ground and put a 9mm in his mouth and pull out my dick and piss in his eye, and fucking stomp the gun into his face....download this, motherfucker!" he was violent-drunk. so fucking funny. He thanked me for all of my hard work on the site and said it looks fucking awesome!
It was so awesome to see that Zakk and Phil are getting along again.Had a great time, and get to go hang out at Ozzfest with Adrianne in Columbus on August 3rd too.

On August 2nd, 2003, my co-webmaster from BLS.net, and his friend Shawn came to Ohio for the Columbus Ozzfest. Walt stayed at my house, and Shawn had to meet some friends at a hotel in Columbus. The next morning, Walt, my aunt Cheryl, and Adrianne all went to Ozzfest. We got to watch Ozzy from the soundboard, next to Big Val and Fuzz from Disturbed! My friends from 5 Knuckle Shuffle, Eric and Dave, were also at the show. It was a big get-together that was planned, and in a way it was a disaster, due to Tim Bolin being irritated that there were too many people there, and Walt not calling ahead to get his passes and really making an ass out of everyone there. But in another way, it was one of the best days of my life, as I was around a lot of my friends, my aunt Cheryl, the whole BLS camp (Chet Haun from ZW.com was there too)...Zakk and Philth were hanging out again which is always cool to see.

On August 15th, 2003, I went with my friends Eric and Jeff from the band Senior Citizen to see Anthrax at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus. It was a kickass show. Lacuna Coil opened. We met the band after the show and I got my original copy of Volume 8 signed by John, Scott, Charlie, and Frank.

On August 21st, I went with Adrianne to see Evanescence at PromoWest Pavilion. I had backstage passes, due to my buddy Eddie Mapp (BLS' soundman) being on tour with them. It was a great show and I had a lot of fun hanging out with Adrianne. We got majorly lost on the way home for some reason, but I am glad, because we got about an entire extra hour to talk, and this was our last time to hang out before she returned to Wooster. It was such an awesome time, and I had so much fun...definatly one of the best times I ever had with Adrianne. Plus, they played Smashing Pumpkins' "Zero" which kicked ass!

On September 11th, I started recording my cousin Brent's band "Possum Sandwich." We recorded 6 songs, 3 covers, 3 originals. It only took about 3 days to record the entire thing, and it was mixed during the next week or two.

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