Before I Was, There Were...

In my immediate family, there are my parents, Danny and Pam, and my two sisters, Delanea and Lindsay. I have always admired my dad for being a hard worker, always providing for our family, and giving up all of his time for the last twenty-some years to see that we had everything we need. My mom has always done all of the work around the house, and makes sure that everything that needs to be done gets done. Now my mom is working full-time at Timken, so we all have to do more things for ourselves, which is a good thing. I owe everything to my parents, because, obviously, without them, I would not be here.

My sister Delanea was always someone I looked up to. While she was always a pain in the neck, she is responsible for getting me into music heavily, and always helped me choose my school schedules. Not to mention, she is also very good at proofreading College English papers. Delanea moved away back in March of 2000 to go to college in Michigan. While I honestly cannot say I miss having her around, because it got to the point where she was never nice to me, I can say that now that she is away, we get along a lot better.



When I was little, my sister Lindsay was always someone that I could play games with when there was no one else around in this boring neighborhood. We get along pretty well now,as long as we aren't in the same room all of the time. She is annoying and talks in a "furby" cartoonish voice that makes me want to break stuff.

The newest addition to our family, is our minature daccsund, Lucy (which I will always claim is short for Lucifer). Lucy has the funniest personality ever in a dog. It took forever, but we finally got her housebroken (after getting new carpet, there was no way she was going to get away with leaving us presents!). Lucy has a million nicknames, such as "Boogaloo," which I am constantly making up.

It is very hard to choose the most important family members to me, because all of my family members are very important to me. However, if I was forced to choose at gunpoint, I would have to say that the three family members that I learned the most from, or have the fondest memories of are My Grandpa Barney, My Aunt Cheryl, and my Cousin Michael. (Any other relatives reading this, you are ALL my favorite relatives, I just think I have more to write about on these three. :)

My grandpa Barney is the most honest and hardest working man I have ever known. Most people find listening to an old man's life story boring, but I love hearing about the good old days. I love spending time with my grandpa and listening to everything he has to say. I have always agreed with almost everything he has ever said about the world to me. My grandpa has been through more than most people probably ever will have to do in their lifetime. He is married to my grandma named Helen. We always call her Grad, she is the coolest lady I have ever known.. When I was little my grandpa used to call me "Doctor J". To this day I really don't know why, but it always made me laugh. When I was little he used to always say "Me and Doctor J are gonna go bear hunting." A few years ago my grandpa was starting to have heart problems, and the doctors decided to correct his irregular heartbeat, they had to stop and restart his heart, and there was a chance that it wouldn't restart again. I made my grandma tell him when she went to the hospital that he has to survive so that we can go bear hunting. She said that he laughed a whole bunch. In March of 2001, my grandpa had to have open heart surgery. He had a quadruple bypass. He pulled through it just fine, and the doctors said he wouldn't stop walking, and he basically walked circles around other patients. I was so relieved that he was okay. I cherish every moment that I spend with him and I hope that I get to share a lot more fun times with my grandpa.

My Aunt Cheryl and I have been pretty close these last few years and have spent a lot of time together. She built a new house next to my grandmas house in 1996, and I helped work on a lot of it, and helped shovel dirt piles, and work on a lot of things around the house. She makes the best Mexican food and chili that I have ever eaten, so I go over there to eat a lot. Oh yeah, and who can forget her Bean Dip? Relatives come from out of state when they know she's making it. LOL I can remember the first time she ever made chili, I figured it would be nasty because she hadn't made it before, but it was the best chili I had ever tasted. I go over there a lot to listen to music and watch movies. She has the coolest dog ever, also. He is a white toy poodle named Yoshi. He is the smartest dog I have ever seen. Cheryl forced me to mention her Monte Carlo... It is a cool car, but I must call it the Birdinator (inside joke, don't ask...).

My cousin Michael Spence and I go way back. He is almost a year older than me, so he always picked on me. Looking back, it gives me a lot of stuff to laugh about. I can remember when we were little, he chased me around the house with a box of cheese crackers called "Doodads" and pounded them into my scalp. Those little crackers hurt like hell. I ran from him screaming but he kept doing it until the adults got fed up with us. Oh, but there's no stopping Mike. The adults couldn't protect me even if they tied Mike up, I swear. Even his words were annoying. We also used to always play with Ghostbusters action figures. We had a lot of fun with those awesome toys and I still have most of them stored away in my basement to this day (the ones he didn't break anyway!). Mike has always been very loud and hyperactive, and that is what has made growing up with him a total riot. Mike and I have had so much fun together these past 17 years, there is way too much stuff to list. Mike tells me I should include stories of "The go-cart, or maybe some of those priceless 'Kill the Deege' moments." As anyone can see, he always tormented me a lot, but looking back, it's funny.

Family has always been very important to me, and always will be. Without family, life is pretty meaningless.