Suddenly, I Became Me

I cannot remember much from when I was little, but the memories that I do have, I cherish. I can remember when I was maybe only two or three when I still lived in Bucyrus, right down the road from my grandma and grandpa's house. My dad used to put me on his shoulders and walk me down to their house. That was always fun. When I was three, we moved to North Robinson, where I currently live. My first friend was Lesley Skaggs. She lived across the street from me, and I used to always go over there to play. I cannot remember too much of back then, but I can remember that she always wanted to play with her Barbie Dolls. All I wanted to do was pretend to drive around in her cool red Barbie Corvette. We had a lot of fun times, though I cannot remember most of them. I can remember the day she moved away. I cannot remember exactly what year she moved, but I think it must have been during first grade. I remember she still lived in North Robinson in Kindergarten, but she went to Whetstone until second grade. Sadly, we did not talk much after that, due to the age-old immature tradition of little kids hating the opposite sex in the early elementary school years.


When I was little, I used to always play with Ghostbusters and Ninja Turtles action figures, and Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars. My cousin Mike and I were Ghostbusters fanatics though. Ghostbusters rule. Also, I always played on my swing set with my sisters in the backyard. We got a minibike when I was four or five, and I was just barely tall enough to reach the foot pedals. Watching home videos of myself riding it is hilarious. I am literally standing up while riding, but sitting on the seat perfectly. Dad sold the minibike, but we eventually got a new one, which we kept until I was a freshman in high school. We got a go-cart a long time ago, and I cannot remember what year it was, but we did not keep it for very long. Those things provided hours and hours of entertainment and fun for me.


I can remember playing with all of my cousins when I was little. My cousin Mike was always a riot, although he mostly tormented me. I have so many memories that covering them here would be impossible. My cousin Brent, Mike's older brother was always cool, but he mostly hung out with my older sister Delanea when I was little. My cousin Brandon is my sister Lindsay's age, and he used to always cuss and swear all of the time at the adults when he was a toddler. It was hilarious. He sounded like a little truck driver. For awhile, I had two step cousins, Travis and Brianna Wheeler. Many fun times were had at their house, whether it was riding their four-wheeler, venturing back into the woods (always scared of wolves and stray dogs), playing hide & seek, or countless other things. My cousins and sisters were always a lot of fun when I was little.



I really miss being a little kid when everything was so simple. It's too bad those days are over now. It was great not having a single responsibility in the world. The only things I really had to worry about were getting in trouble for not eating everything on my plate, because I was feeble like a crack-whore, or getting yelled at for not picking up all of my toys. Childhood is something that is really special, and I wish it could have lasted forever.

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