Where I Grew Up

North Robinson, Ohio is a really boring place to live. There is not much to say about North Robinson, because, let's face it, one can put one foot in the town, take two steps forward, and a sign says "Now Leaving North Robinson." Of course that is exaggerated, but it is pretty much the truth. North Robinson doesn't even have its own stoplight. I don't have many pictures of the town, but I will probably take pictures of everything soon. The ghetto is too quiet and plain for the mostpart, but over the years there has been water fights, baseball games, clubhouses and lots of bike riding in North Robinson.

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One thing I remember vaguely is a water fight I had with Nathan Click, and Justin & Trent Adams. Justin and Nate had huge Super Soakers with the water tank backpacks and me and Trent had regular Super Soakers. I can't remember who was teamed with who, but I think Trent was on my side, and Nate and Justin were fighting against us. I think Josh Ely stole someone's gun and joined for a while, but I can't remember much. In North Robinson, there is a place that has old drainage tiles (big plastic hoses) that are all wound up into huge spindle-like things. We could climb up them and hide in the center. We would jump out of the top of them and soak each other with water. We ran around the whole neighborhood, but I remember the tile place the most.

A long time ago there was a baseball game in my backyard. Everyone that lived in North Robinson at the time was there. I can remember it was me and my sisters, Erica Campbell, Jessica Clamp, Matt Agin, Miranda Agin, and a whole bunch of other people. Unfortunately, it would strain my brain to try to remember them all. There were enough players to have two full teams. We didn't have any good equipment or bases, but it was fun. I remember that the most out of any other sport type of event that I was involved in that was just recreational in North Robinson.

I was involved in building many little clubhouses in North Robinson around fifth and sixth grade. The first clubhouse was the best one, so that is the one I am going to discuss. It was pretty much a lean-to because we were not allowed to nail it together because his uncles were using to wood to build their garage. Me and my friend Charlie ( I cannot remember his last name) built it in his back yard. One of the walls leaned against a tree. All of the walls were made of big sheets of plywood. The other main wall was leaned against an old Couch that was sitting inside of it. The front and back walls were just leaned up against those two walls. We put 2x4s across the roof and put plywood sheets on top of that. It was really sturdy and we could walk around on top of it. Everyone in the neighborhood started helping with it and changing it, and everyone started to hang out there in the summer time before my sixth grade year. Matt Agin, Travis Ratliff, Josh and Ryan Ely, Erica Campbell, my two sisters, Charlie and I all hung out there. It was a really cool place to hang out. We sat chairs on the roof and everyone sat up there. Some brave souls actually sat inside when we were on the roof. Once I was feeling too brave, and walking around on the roof. I wasn't careful enough to make sure that I was walking on one of the beams, and I fell completely through the roof and all of the boards came piling on top of me. I went home and shrugged it off and took care of all of my scrapes and bruises. Right after that, I went back and helped repair the damage that my carelessness had caused. A few days later everyone in the neighborhood started to argue and fight over who gets to do what in the clubhouse. Me and Matt Agin went over there one day when Charlie was eating and tore it all down nice and carefully and stacked the boards in the yard. That was the end of that. We tried to build other ones in the neighborhood, but they never attracted any people. They were horrible and not big enough to hang out in. I will always remember that first fort and all of the fun we had there and even the bad memory of falling through the roof.

One thing I always liked to do was ride my bike around the neighborhood. It had plenty of back roads and was a pretty safe place to ride around in. Whether it was alone, or with friends, we always had fun. I remember when I was in second grade, me and my new friend Donald Lutz rode our bikes around and pretended to play some sort of Disney game. It was really cheesy, but we had fun. We never got to finish the game, sadly, because he came up missing a few days later. He was found drowned to death in the swamp that is in the southeast corner of North Robinson. That was a really sad time for me, even though we weren't the closest of friends. Brining this story back to happier times, there was a dirt pile that was at the end of the dead-end road in North Robinson that most of the kids used to always ramp. Kids would always go flying through the air and almost into the cornfield. It was a lot of fun. After elementary school, it seemed like everyone that I hung around moved away, and it got really boring. There was no one that was my age to hang around. In my Junior High and early High School years, I would always ride around on my bike listening to my Walkman. It was a lot of fun to just keep to myself and ride around and crank some tunes.

Many fun things happened to me over the years in this neighborhood, but lately, it is like a ghost town. A lot of fun people moved in and out of the ghetto of North Robinson over the years, but as of late, it is a very boring place.

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