At Last, I Am a Senior

Honestly, I think that being a senior was not as special as it seemed at the time. Senior Year in high school is a time that every student comes to realize that life as they have known it for these past thirteen years is quickly coming to an end, and they have to start all over again. For me, my senior year has helped me realize a lot of stuff, and I think that it will be the year that I will always remember the most.

I started my senior year knowing full and well that my friends from the previous years in high school were not going to be there. Preston had dropped out of high school over the summer, I had no classes with Travis, David was still going to Pioneer, and I had not really spoken much with Jeff since ninth grade. I started my senior year, not knowing what to expect.

One special person who was going to be there was Adrianne Sharrock. I began talking to Aje on ICQ in ninth grade, although we did not talk too much the first few years of high school. The summer before my senior year, we started to talk a lot, and I began to realize what a great person she is. When we got our schedules to start school, Aje and I had every class together except first and eighth periods. That was cool that I knew at least one person who would be in my classes. We never did talk in person before this year, so I really did not know her very well.

In late October, school was canceled due to fog, and Aje and I were talking on ICQ. We found out that tickets to The Smashing Pumpkins' final two concerts in Chicago were going on sale that Saturday (October 21st). We planned the whole thing on that day. Aje, Kendra Pence, Dave (Aje's dad), and I were all going to the show. We did everything that we could to get tickets that Saturday. Aje sold her soul to her dad, among many other things. We thought about selling blood and we decided that we could each sell a kidney on Ebay, since we only needed one to live. I painted the inside of my garage, cleaned out my basement, did yard work, and begged and pleaded. We got the tickets, and all we had to do was wait.

Those next weeks of waiting were really funny. We had an inside joke- we would always yell out "CHICAGO!" at the dumbest times, and everyone else probably thought we were nuts. Everyone around us knew we were going to the concert, but we both made up separate lies about visiting family members during those two days of school to our teachers. Waiting for this concert, the minutes seemed like hours, and the days seemed like weeks. I remember that as the longest wait I can ever remember waiting for anything.

At last, the day had come. November 29th, 2000 is a day that I will never forget. At around 9:00 A.M., they all picked me up, and we headed toward Chicago. After seven hours of listening to the radio, watching the albino grass grow, and sleeping, we were finally there! The Smashing Pumpkins put on the most emotional concert I have ever witnessed, and probably ever will-- A three-hour blistering set that consisted of all of their hit songs, fan favorites, songs from their final internet-only released album, and four encores. There was just enough smoke (from legal, and illegal substances) in the air to dry up just enough of the fans' tears, so that we all did not drown. It was a very memorable event, and we were very lucky to be in attendance, since it was their final show ever (well, 2nd to last...there was two farewell shows, and the 2nd one was literally impossible to get tickets for).


After the concert, Adrianne got sick and was absent from school for what seemed like forever. She had nearly every class with me, so school was very boring without her unique and uplifting personality there. Every day we e-mailed each other, and I always tried to cheer her up, and wish her well. We have e-mailed each other nearly every day since then, and have since became very close friends. Adrianne was one of the most talented people to ever walk the halls of our school. She was a great artist, and also a kickass drummer. After graduation, the high-school band sounded terrible without her playing drums. After getting to know her, I can honestly say that she is one of the coolest and nicest people that I have ever known. Honestly, if Adrianne was not here this year, I do not know where I would be today. I love Aje like I love my family members, unconditionally. Adrianne is my very best friend. I am forever grateful that a person as great as Adrianne Sharrock was put on this earth, and I am happy to know that I have made a lifelong friend this year.


Another really cool thing is that Jeff finally had classes with me again. I was glad that we were able to talk again. Jeff and I have so many memories from elementary and junior high school that we always talk about, that we could never run out of stuff to talk about. In 12th grade, we came up with some new ideas for The Fuzz Recording Studio radio show that we did in elementary school and sixth grade, and we may actually recorded them the summer after graduation. We started a very underground, very fake, school organization called T.A., which is a spin-off of Teen Institute, except we call this one Total Absence. We hung our fake flyers over about 50 lockers in the school, and people would get pissed and take them down...but I had a stack of about 200 of them in my locker, so there was no stopping us LOL. At the end of the school year, it was my turn to decorate Mrs. Rittenhour's bulletin board, so Jeff and I made a huge list of 75 ways to skip school, and it was a T.A. sponsored list, and instead of the Adahms Board, it was the Madams Board, complete with rip-off logo and everything. It really pissed off some of the T.I. people and they tore part of it down...but I reprinted it and hung it back up. I wish that we wouldnt have had those few years without any classes together, but I am glad that I had the chance to talk with Jeff again before school ended. We came up with some hilarious stuff. Jeff is still one of my best friends.

A few other people made this year a lot more bearable for me. Phil Ream had a few classes with me and we talked about some funny stuff. I will always remember the U.C.L. (Inside Joke - ultimate chest list). Jason Lauthers and I finally hung out a few times since seventh grade. We went to a T.I. Retreat with Andy Cochran, and Steffen Voss (The German) and had a lot of fun. We also did a bit of LAN gaming, playing SIN, Quake 2 and Quake 3: Arena, along with Steffen and Jeff. Nick Wentz had Psychology and Sociology with me this year, and a lot of funny stuff has happened this year...we were in a group together in Psychology and we did our presentation on Heroin Addiction. Then, the next semester in Psychology (both with Mr. Kaple teaching them), when it came time for our reports, Nick said "I'm doing mine on Heroin Addiction" and pissed off Mr. Kaple. Mandy Knisely, Ashley Burris, Diana Ash, Kris Gouge, and Jennie Wenzel also made the year very funny, and we had a lot of laughs. I am glad that there were a lot of cool people that made my senior year very interesting, to say the least.

Aje, Mandy, Kris, Diana, and I had our own little "Family" in study hall. Kris was the maid, I was the drunken uncle, Diana was the breadwinner of the family, Mandy was the slightly-dykie family cat, and Aje was a pesky raccoon who always stole the cat's food. Yes, I know, we were morons, but we had a good excuse- we were saving our sanity for future use, where it might actually come in handy. I will always remember the "Real Yearbook," "Tard Nuggets," and numerous other things, such as Kris and his "concentration," poking the poor Lemur's eyes, the big Eagle Pride board, and let's not forget the Buffy The Vampire Slayer board game which we couldn't figure out how to play. This family of friends was even more exciting than my real family.

My Senior Year abruptly came to a close just as it was getting fun, and I really wish it could have lasted a whole lot longer. I never thought I ever would have said this, but once school ended, I really started to miss it.

UPDATED! - Reflecting back on my schedule:

First Period:

College English - The basic day in College English was just me going to class, sometimes late, sitting down, and talking to Jason Lauthers, at the end of the year. We had a few different seating charts, so I did not talk to anyone really other than Phil Ream during the first few nine weeks. This memory book was actually a College English assignment! Our final research papers were a pain, but I passed! :) Of course, I had to change my paper a lot and turn it in a second time. I remember reading Hamlet in there, but I actually didn't read much of it.

Second Period:

Study Hall - During the first semester of Study Hall, I sat with Phil Ream, and he used to piss me off and ignore me because of my "rambling" was annoying to him. hahahaha We came up with the U.C.L. in study hall. During the second semester, study hall became my favorite "class." Aje (raccoon), Mandy (slightly dykie family cat), Diana (breadwinner), Kris (the maid), and I (the druken uncle) sat together in there and had our own "family." The basic day was, at the beginning of the period, I would go sit down, normally the first at the table, Aje would walk in and sometimes I had cds to give her. hahaha Then everyone would go to the kitchen to get breakfast. Sometimes Aje had a Subway muffin with her. We would do our Government homework in there, and our current event articles when we had them. I will always remember when we played the Buffy Board Game (all of the pictures from study hall are actually from that day!) and couldn't figure it out. Diana had to read the book as we played and it went REEEALLY slow, and I didn't have a clue what was going on. We had the MOST F*CKED UP CONVERSATIONS EVER in that study hall sometimes. I remember when we made "The Real Yearbook," by getting a list of the entire senior class (courtesy of Jeff! Thanks Jeff! :) and then everyone commented on what they think of each person. Aje started talking about how it's possible to have an orgasm without touching yourself, just by concentrating for a long time, and then Kris Gouge made a hilarious strained face and was like "it's not working!", it was hilarious. On the last week of school, I can remember that me and Kris were taking stuff that Aje and Mandy and Diana were cutting out of pictures for their memory books, and assembling a "room" in his locker by taping stuff together. hahahahaha. That was the best class ever! I will never forget it! =)

Third Period:

Art III (and Art IV was combined in there too) - I remember doing some kick ass black and white pictures (Phil's demon artwork from the Stronger Than Death booklet, Ozzy and Randy Rhoads from the Tribute cover, and the cover to Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness, which I rushed on the last week), and some awesome oil paintings, horrible rushed sketchbooks, the big "Eagle Pride District Wide" art in the park panel, the Santa Christmas stage prop, or whatever it was, and a bunch of other stuff. I sat beside Collen Allen, and always talked about his horrible temper. When I had nothing to do in art, I would go back to the back of the room and "supervise" Aje when she was working on the wheel. Aje is so great at making pottery :) "Keep working on Junior there." :)

Fourth Period:

Government - I remember sitting in the back of the room beside Aje, and always getting yelled at for talking too much :) It was great. It wasn't often that a day went by without getting yelled at or getting a dirty look for talking too much. hahahaha Although, the days when Aje was absent were eerily quiet. Aje, I think we made up like 75% of the noise in there! hahaha Jeff would always bring in his TI-86 and his Palm Pilot, and he would have Onion articles on his Palm Pilot. When we did current events in there, Jeff would talk as slow as possible, and for a really long time about his article, and Mr. Kaple seemed annoyed. Also, sometimes when he read someone else's article, he would interrupt them and finish what they were gonna say. hahahaha! Jeff, that rocked! Hey Aje, do you remember the final exam that I was able to opt out of? =) lol...I hope my notes helped you =) We cheated sooo much in there hehehe. The back of the room rules. I remember playing "Stump Mr. Kaple," and most of the time, the students won. I always made all sorts of politically incorrect comments to piss Kaple off, but most of the time he laughed at what I had to say, because, most of the time, it was true! I always liked shooting off my mouth in there. JERRY MANDERING! hahaha Phil Ream, the Nazi, Ian Yamer Cramer, and Lance Billings were also in there. Lance told me I could borrow his ZZ Top - Rio Grande Mud cd in October, and he kept forgetting, and NEVER did bring it, and I reminded him up until the last week of school. ZZ TOP!!!!!! I remember when we did debates in there. We did a Napster debate, and me and Jeff filmed the now famous moniter bashing video. It was funny, although I hit my foot with the sledgehammer. That was brutally painful.


Lunch - I sat with Jeff, Mandy, Ashley, Aje, Jennie, and sometimes Dana Murphy at lunch. We came up with a really retarded theory about how homeless people and the mentally challenged kids who sat at the table beside us were turned into Homeless Man Nuggets and Tard Nuggets by the cooks. Me and Jeff also invented T.A., which means Total Absence, which is a spin-off of TI (Teen Institute). It focused on missing school (which Teen Institute did A LOT.) Adrianne and Ashley were so crazy in there, it was hilarious.


Advanced Anatomy - We literally did nothing in that class. Sometimes we had bookwork to do, but not much. We made posters and colored hepatitis related flyers. Aje and Ashley did a lot of hilarious stuff and almost got kicked out (always remember, the goat head!)! Whenever Jennie was absent, I would go over and sit with Aje. At the end of the year, I took my blood pressure daily in there, because of my high blood pressure which was discovered during the last few weeks. We used to feed the fish all kinds of funny things, and the tank got so pulluted, he had to get rid of them. Henry the Snake was fun to play with, and I remember when we fed him. One time Aje rescued a cute little mouse by sitting it outside the window. That was a great thing you did Aje :) . That is one of my favorite memories from Anatomy. We didn't have to do ANY dissecting in there. Mr. Huber (one of the coolest teachers I have ever had. I really respect Mr. Huber, he is a really good guy, despite his animal mutilating hehe) kept putting it off, and it never happened. I remember when he would hit desks with his yard stick and throw stuffed animals at people who weren't paying attention.

Sixth Period:

Sculpture - This class was a lot of fun. I made two pots on the wheel in there, one of them was tiny (yeah yeah yeah Aje, it was a thimble, I know), and the other one was really cool and I loved how the glaze turned out. I gave it to Aje as a no-reason gift, just because I wanted her to have it. I remember when we were making plaster masks, Mr. Sullivan was demonstrating how to do them. He used Toby Smith's face to mold his mask around. He asked me to give him the Saran Wrap, and I did, and when he grabbed it, he cut his finger wide open on the metal strip that tears the plastic off. It was squirting blood everywhere, and he just used masking tape, instead of bandaging it up. I remember Aje saying "that doesn't scream infection!" Me and Aje were just cracking up, it was so funny. I don't know if I have laughed that hard for a long time. *tap tap* I remember when we had to make balloon masks. Wheat paste was so horrible, wasn't it? haha lol "ewww, its warm!" My mask ended up being a cool-ass Humpty Dumpty. :) I remember at the end of the year, Mandy was making a gigantic Oxycontin pill out of pulp. hahaha Aje always made the COOLEST pottery. I remember her huge purple pot (which was actually a project for Art IV). Aje did a really awesome pot that ended up being cracked when it fired, and she fixed it with pulp. "JUST USE YOUR IMAGINATION!" hahaha. Aje didn't make a bad art or sculpture project all year. Mandy had a really cool thing that was the letters of her name, with feathers and glitter everywhere, I thought that was awesome. Aje made a gigantic clay beaver. I was the first to pet her beaver. hahahaha My favorite project that I made was my Carctus. It was a combination OJ Carton/Cactus. I stabbed the carton all over and stuck tooth picks in it, and then I spray painted it all different colors, and filled the rest of it with toothpicks. It was a musical instrument, which you could shake and use as percussion. Aje autographed it, being the kickass percussionist that she is :)

Seventh Period:

First semester was Music Appreciation. I loved that class. There were only five people in there: Me, Aje, Adam Bowser, Julie Stuckman, and Sarah Streeter. We barely did anything in there, because they kept talking about what they were going to do the next period for band. It was a great class. Adam Bowser killed a scary spider in there, and it is probably STILL stuck to the wall in Mr. Cochran's room. hahaha. Poor spidey. I remember when we balanced 5 music books on Aje's head, and she could walk around the room with them on her head. Now THAT'S talent. I remember that Aje used to dread when we would go to the bandroom for some reason :) (hehe) She used to always give me these "deer in the headlights" looks everytime we were going to the bandroom for class. That was so funny. I remember looking through the book and finding a guy who bears a striking resemblance to Yoda, playing drums. I did my virtuoso report on Stevie Ray Vaughan, which was really cool. I remember when we had to bring in our own favorite songs to play for the class, and we had to describe them. I brought in "Mother Mary" by Black Label Society, Aje played "Today" by The Smashing Pumpkins, Julie played "Uninvited" by Alanis Morissette, Adam played "Hui" by The W's (I think), and Sara was going to play "Wash Away Those Years" by Creed, but her CD wouldn't play. Second Semester sucked. It was Computer 2. Aje was in there, and that was what made the class worth going to. We sat by each other most of the time (our assigned seats were never beside each other, but we moved). I remember when Aje kept turning the volume up on her computer, and the screen saver was REALLY loud and annoying, playing all sorts of Sea noises. It was so funny! hahaha Aje cracks me up. We rarely did work in there. The last few weeks, I flat-out refused to do work. I got an A in there without turning anything in. hahahaha. Me and Aje would download MP3s, and talk on ICQ Webbie with each other, even though we were sitting right beside each other. haha We used to put notes in each other's folders and stuff, it was funny. QUIT ARGUING WITH MRS. DAY, AJE! hahaha. I hated Mrs. Day so much, she was so annoying and bitchy. I remember when she went into the ditch TWICE in one day, it was great to hear. Plus, she fell down her stairs once and told us about it. That gave me a good laugh. I did a lot of Aje's assignments for her, cuz some of it was easy. This was the last class of the day with Aje, so I actually hated leaving the class, although it was nice to be away from Mrs. Day.

Eighth Period:

First semester was Psychology. I sat by Nick Wentz and Weston Garber, and it was pretty funny. The quizzes were hard as hell, but I managed to get a solid C in there. I remember when we would play "Mafia" in there, it was actually fun, but we played too much. Me and Nick did our project on Herion Addiction, and it was just a really stupid Powerpoint presentation that we read from. Second semester was Sociology, and Nick and Weston were in there still. Jason Lauthers and Kris Gouge also joined the class. I remember we used to make top 10 lists of our favorite bands, and rate each other's lists. The quizzes were a lot easier in there, because they were multiple choice. I remember one time, during a quiz that Mr. Kaple gave out loud, and we had to write on notebook paper, Jennie Wenzel actually asked how to spell one of the answers. hahaha that gave everyone the answer. Kris was like "My girlfriend is stupid" hahahahhaa It was so funny! I remember Mandy and Ashley and Kris drawing their "baby," which was neither male or female, and they called it a "smoothie" hahahaha. I remember when Ashley was printing out signs that had a donkey and said "EAT SHIT AND DIE" on them and passing them out to people in the library. That was great. We had to do a huge report for the final in the class, and I remember Nick said "I'm doing mine on Heroin Addiction!" hahaha, it was hilarious, since we already did that for Psychology. I did mine about Social Institutions and why they are needed. I basically used the textbook as my source, and listed fake sources. He gave me a 100. hahahaha I passed that class with an easy A.

That was my whole schedule :)

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