Let's Take A Vacation

One thing that I have always wanted to do was dig through the Earth to China (provided, of course, that George "Dubbya" Bush doesn't nuke them first). I would need all of my friends' help, so of course, for my own devilish and selfish reasons, they would be by my side. I would take Aje, Jeff, Chet Rittenhour, Steve Meadows, Mandy, Ashley, Kris, Jennie, and Diana on this journey to the center of the Earth, and back again.

We would start our voyage in North Robinson. We would have to board a bus, which would probably break down a few times along the way, and ride to Florida. On the way there we would watch South Park, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and The Simpsons. When we get to Florida we would immediately get off of the bus and go bowling. Once we were done bowling, we would horde all of the food and supplies we could and start digging. Once we dig down about 5 feet, we would realize that we were getting nowhere, and decide that we would steal some real equipment. We would walk around for a few days unable to find equipment, and decide to get back on the bus and drive to the airport. Steve would injure himself on his way to the airport, so of course he would fly another way--- by life-flight. Once we arrive at the airport, we would get some tickets to China. Ashley would not have been allowed to board the plane because you must be sane in order to fly with Sanity Airlines, Jennie would not be allowed on the plane because her socks were too ugly, and Kris would refuse to go without her. The whole time as this is happening, Mandy would be to afraid to get out of the bus because, as she would say "the outside is too big," because she would be on her own little "trip."

Once on the plane, we would get in our seats, and get ready for take off. Jeff would be thrown off of the plane because he was arguing with his TI-86 and Palm Pilot too loudly and Adrianne would be kicked off of the plane for saying "Blblblblblblbleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" over and over again; I would be kicked off of the plane for laughing too loudly because of this. Diana would be smart enough to follow us off of the plane. Chet would not realize that everyone else had been kicked off, and he would have a wonderful flight to China and start his own musical career. Good luck, Chet.

We would all get back into the bus, where we would find Mandy hiding under the seat, and head back to North Robinson. On the way there, we would get lost. We would end up in Lemurland, where we would spend a few days poking lemur eyes all day long. After poking every last eyeball, we would continue on our trip back to North Robinson. But hey -- at least we didn't end up in Viking helmets at White Castle.