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Metal Sludge
This is the funniest site on the web! If you aren't a Sludgeaholic, you will be after visiting this site. Bastard Boy Floyd, Jani Bon Neil, & Ozzy Stillbourne are the craziest bastards online. I recommend reading all of thier 20 Questions. I accepted the prestigious Sludgeaholic Of The Month honor for March 2002.Very informative metal website, but also humerous. The best site for metal news. Plus hilarious, cruel-but-true remarks from Sludgeaholics accompanying them. GO NOW!
BACKMASK is a new metal band out of Santa Barbara, California which was created and fronted by my bud Shane McFee.. powerful, original music, firmly rooted in diverse metal influences, but not stuck in the past. Unafraid to be as fun and sing-along-catchy as they are brutal and progressive. Backmask are establishing themselves quite a following in the metal underground, and I recommend you go to their site and download some of their new tunes!
Nonzero's website describes the band as "powerful melodic nu-metal" which is a painful understatement. Nonzero, hailing from the town of Marion, Ohio, combines catchy hooks, great melodies (provided by female singer Mimi Berg), and dark, brooding guitar riffs for a very modern "Tool-meets-Black Sabbath" sound.
My friend Tim Lyons' Kansas based band. 17 year old Tim Lyons fronts this up and coming band, mixing the styles of Alice In Chains, Black Sabbath, and Zakk Wylde to create a brutal new sound. L.I.E. are currently booking gigs in their area, so if you are from Kansas, you should check them out! Go to their site and download some tunes, including their cover of Black Label Society's "Bleed For Me."
The Kings and Queen of Boogie's Boog-E-Zine! The kickass band Raging Slab who have been around since the mid '80s' website. I did the CGI message board on the site and some very very minor html stuff on the site, but Greg, the singer/guitarist designed and did 99% of the whole site. Be sure to check these guys (and gal) out!
The Majik Box
My very wonderful best friend, Adrianne Sharrock's awesome home page. She has pictures of all of her friends, including moi. This site has a ton of Buffy the Vampire Slayer transcripts, some of her artwork, and a lot of other cool stuff, so check it out or pay the price!

The Slayer's Lair
One of the coolest people I know, my neighbor Diana Ash made this very cool website about herself, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer...(starting to see a reoccuring theme with all of my friend's sites? lol.) This is a very cool site so check it out or you'll be sorry :)

The X-Files Connection
Adrianne Sharrock is the creator of this X-Files website. A great site for a great show! This website will no longer be updated, but it is still an awesome site. If you are a fan of the show, stop by this site, it has all kinds of things that are X-Files related. It is an awesome show, and this is a great dedication to it.

Delanea's Universe
This is my sister, Delanea's site. You can probably find me in it there somewhere! Cool design, cool graphics, lots of cool old pictures of my family from probably the 1800's until now! Also a music section, and a ton of other stuff that may or may not be worth checking out. :)
Fallen Enterprises
My cousin Skeet (Brandon)'s webpage. If you are into hacking, join his message board, or just check out the site! He used to have a few different sites, dedicated to Diablo, Quake 1 and 2, and Slipknot, but who knows where they went. I guess that Skeeter Enterprises must have died. LONG LIVE SKEETER ENTERPRISES! HAIL HAIL! :-D
The Riot Force
Sludgette Of The Month for September 2002, Dragen, and Sludgette Of The Month for February 2002, Jen, work on this Quiet Riot fan site. The site is full of photos and information about the band. QR drummer Frankie Banali summed it up best when he said "This site is what real fans are all about!"
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